Some books to learn about worker owned cooperatives:

I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not This: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Gratifying Work
(Julie Jansen)

Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence: Revised and Updated for the 21st Century
(Vicki Robin)

Governing the Firm: Workers’ Control in Theory and Practice
(Gregory K. Dow)

Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities
(Diana Leafe Christian)

Time Dollars: The New Currency That Enables Americans to Turn Their Hidden Resource-Time-Into
Personal Security & Community Renewal

(Edgar Cahn)

Birth of a Cooperative: Hoedads, Inc., a Worker Owned Forest Labor Co-Op
(Hal Hartzell)

Some videos:

Some Web sites:

Fixing the Future on PBS
Evergreen Cooperative Laundry, Cleveland, Ohio

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