Shared Vision

Somewhere around 10% of ecovillages, co-housing projects and other intentinoal communities survive, at least for a while.    Start-up businesses aren’t much different.  They face many of the same challenges.  The one thing they have in common is having a shared vision and knowing what that vision is.

Therefore, step two, after you have established a group of people who think they might want to go into business together, is to establish the shared vision and write it down in great detail.

The vision is what you want the world to look like when you’re done creating it.  The mission are the things you plan to do to get there.  Without a clear goal to work towards, it is really difficult to get there.


Minimum Pay

Apparently, although the amount of the Federal minimum pay has gone up over the years, purchasing power has actually gone down.  Fortunately, many states have had the good sense to set their own minimum limits. Unfortunately, many have not.  One can wonder why increases have not been indexed. Perhaps it is another example of the disfunctional nature of government.

Clearly, workers cannot depend on government to solve this problem.  Apparently, workers have to take matters into their own hands.  As worker owners we have the control to refuse to work for anything but just pay.  When enough of us do that, the exploitation, government sponsored or not, will end.